Cure sleep disorders with Meditation

If you are one of the millions of people that have trouble sleeping than meditation may be a cure that you have not tried. Instead of relying on toxic pills and multiple trips to the doctors office you should try a more holistic approach. People have trouble sleeping for many reasons. If you had … [Read more...]

Meditation and Brain Structure Change

New research has shown that practicing mindfulness meditation for just eight weeks can change the structure of the brain. Specifically the areas of the brain associated with memory, stress, sense of self and empathy. The research was conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital and appears in … [Read more...]

Meditation for Stress Relief

People meditate for many different reasons.  Some meditate to help them understand the mysteries of life, while others mediate to achieve a sense of calmness and relaxation.  There is no right or wrong in the reason you meditate as the benefits are abundant, regardless of your goals.  In … [Read more...]

Chakra Colors and Color Therapy

The seven main chakras have colors associated with them.  These energy vortexes can be enhanced by color therapy.   They can be rebalanced and replenished with energy.  Color therapy helps both on a physical level as well as a spiritual and mental level.  By working with the appropriate colors … [Read more...]

Practicing Jyothi Meditation

Generally it is a best practice to do Jyothi meditation early in the morning just before the sun rises.  One practices Jyothi meditation with the flame of a candle or lamp.   You should posture yourself comfortably in the lotus position with the flame directly in front of you.  You begin by … [Read more...]

Mantra Meditation

While many people think of meditation in silence, when one practices mantra meditation they are actually chanting out loud.  These words or phrases can also be heard internally but generally they are spoken.  Mantras are used to focus ones concentration thus they are thought of as mind … [Read more...]

Mindfulness Training

Practicing mindfulness has benefits for meditation as well as your health.  People who undergo mindfulness training can substantially reduce their stress.  There are various exercises once can perform to enhance their mindfulness.  By practicing mindfulness you devote your entire attention to … [Read more...]

Easy Meditation for Beginners

Learning to meditate can be one of the best things a person can do for themselves.  However it is not something that is generally taught unless you are born into a family that practices meditation.  Therefore most people are beginners at meditation and must learn from the ground up.  Meditation … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are truly remarkable.  This includes benefits to your health and your physiological well being.  Meditation also provides spiritual benefits as you gain a greater understanding of the universe.  Don’t be misled to believe that since meditation requires no expensive … [Read more...]

What is the Best Meditation?

Many people want to know what the best meditation is.  The short answer is any meditation.  It is better to do any type or form of meditation than none at all.  With that being said there are certainly best practices of meditation that will enhance your experience.    When you are just getting … [Read more...]